Business Registration or Company Registration in Cambodia is quite straightforward.

Meeting regulatory, and legal obligations is an increasingly important and time-consuming task. Ensuring compliance is a priority for all companies, but it can put a strain on your resources. Our business registration teams can manage all your compliance milestones allow your team to focus on their core duties.

We can help to you and your organisation/business:

1. Business registration (Company, branch, and representative incorporation)

2. Annual compliance and maintenance of statutory registers at Ministry of Commerce

3. Licenses and permits application at ministries

4. Monthly and annual compliance at Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

  1. Hiring and dismissal of employees must be declared to the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training within 15 days.
  2. National Social Security Fund
  • For the Employment Injury Insurance Scheme, employers must pay 0.8% of the assumed wage of the employee’s monthly salary before taxation.
  • For the Health care scheme, the contribution rate is 2.6%, all of which is covered by the employer.
  • Seniority payments must be made to employees on UDCs every six months. Employees must be paid 7.5 days of wages and benefits each June and each December.

Please click link here to learn more about seniority payment.

  1. Law on Social Security Schemes 2019 introduces common principles, procedures, mechanisms and the administration system of the social security schemes of Cambodia.

Please click link to learn more about Law on Social Security Schemes and Sub-Decree on Social Security Schemes.

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