Legal Update: Introduction of Second-Phase Digital Platform for Criminal Record Service

The Ministry of Justice ("MOJ") published a notification on April 25, 2024, regarding the launch of the second phase of the Criminal Record Service on a digital platform. This platform is primarily meant to enhance efficiency and offer convenience to the public when seeking criminal background checks from a remote location. The platform was implemented on 06 February 2023 for its initial phase. The second phase will commence on 02 May 2024 and will introduce additional features that enable applicants to conveniently upload required papers and make online payments for the service. The service portal can be accessed either through the website or by using the MOJ app, which is referred to as "CR-MOJ".
Applicants residing in Cambodia must personally retrieve their criminal record from the Criminal Record Affairs Department of the MOJ once it is available. On the other hand, individuals living abroad must collect their record from the embassy, consulate, or a nearby post office by presenting the original copies of the necessary documents.