Tax Update: New Prakas on Tax Incentives for Education Sector
Subject: Tax
Applicable Industries: Education institutions

The Ministry of Economy and Finance published a Prakas on March 20, 2024, providing tax benefits for the education industry in Cambodia. This initiative is intended to encourage the development of human resources and vocational training.

Both public and private educational institutions, spanning from kindergarten to higher education, including those engaged in technical and vocational training, qualify for various tax incentives. These exemptions encompass income tax, monthly prepayment of income tax, minimum tax, and particular withholding taxes on services, interests, and dividends.

In order to be eligible for these tax benefits, educational institutions must fulfill certain requirements. These include registering with the tax administration, submitting regular tax returns, maintaining accurate accounting records, and, for schools with an annual turnover over four thousand million riels, providing an independent audit report. The expiration of these incentives is set for the conclusion of 2028.

In addition, educational institutions are required to adhere to additional tax duties, such as withholding tax on rental income, income tax on salaries, and any other relevant taxes. Failing to comply with these rules may result in the withdrawal of the tax benefits.