Legal Update: Promoting Fire Prevention and Firefighting Awareness in the Tourism Industry
Applicable Industries: Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism ("MOT") published an Instruction on April 22, 2024, regarding the promotion of fire prevention and firefighting awareness in the tourism industry. This directive is applicable to all tourism enterprises, with a particular emphasis on the imperative of safeguarding tourists from potential fire threats by ensuring their security and safety.

Tourism businesses have several key obligations:

  • ensuring that their fire prevention systems and extinguishers are in working order and can respond quickly.
  • following established fire safety standards for managing flammable substances and potential sources of fire and heat.
  • keeping their emergency exits clear and easily accessible.
  • promptly inform the relevant authorities in the event of a fire.
  • work with fire prevention units to create fire safety plans for events that anticipate large crowds.

This directive is a continuation of a previous memorandum that mandated government agencies, including the Ministry of Tourism (“MOT”), to enhance the promotion of fire safety knowledge among tourism operators. This aligns with the Fire Prevention and Firefighting Law that was passed in 2013. According to Article 30 of this law, if someone fails to meet safety responsibilities or acts negligently resulting in the loss of someone else's property, they will be fined between 5 and 20 million riels, in addition to facing other criminal consequences.