Legal update: Enhancing the Administration of Game-of-Chance Activities in the Kingdom of Cambodia
Applicable Industries: Casino and gambling

The Commercial Gambling Management Commission of Cambodia ("CGMC") issued an Instruction on Strengthening the Management of Game-of-Chance Operations within Cambodia on February 19, 2024.

The primary purpose of this instruction is to outline the responsibilities of licensees of games of chance and the legal consequences that will be enforced by the appropriate authorities in the event of any breach of the licensing requirements and regulatory framework.


This Instruction pertains to the proprietors of game-of-chance licenses, game-of-chance branch licenses, and game-of-chance service station permits ("License Holders") and is applicable to all game-of-chance business operations conducted in Cambodia.


The License Holders are required to adhere to the subsequent fundamental obligations:

  • adhere to the guidelines outlined in the responsibility book for licensing provision.
  • conduct business exclusively at the site designated on the license or permit.
  • obtain a license or permit before affixing signboards to all business locations in an appropriate manner.
  • exhibit the license's original copy at their designated locations.
  • exclusively utilize gambling products and apparatus that have received approval from the CGMC.
  • exhibit the original appendix of the registration certificate pertaining to the specific form of game-of-chance equipment at the company location, as well as certified copies at branches and stations.
  • oversee and administer the operations of the game of chance in adherence to pertinent legislation.

Non compliance

Failure to adhere to the specified responsibilities or engage in unauthorized operation of chance games shall result in the following consequences for the License Holder: (i) citation of transitional penalties in accordance with the Law on Commercial Gambling; (ii) suspension and revocation of the license or permit; and (iii) punitive measures as stipulated in the Law on Illegal Gambling Suppression.

Competent authorities

The competent authorities entrusted with the authority to enforce unlawful operations involving games of chance are as follows:

  • The General Secretariat of the CGMC is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing and conducting routine inspections of game-of-chance operations within Cambodia. Additionally, it is accountable for issuing corrective actions against operators who violate this directive.
  • Relevant authorities, particularly the General Commissariat of the National Police and the Capital-Provincial Administrative Unity Command, are also obligated to inform and collaborate with the General Secretariat of the CGMC in order to issue preventative measures and identify illicit game-of-chao operations.