Inclusive Business (IB) in Cambodia

In 2019 the Ministry of Industry Science, Technology and Innovation (“MISTI”) prepared a landscape study on Inclusive Business (IB) in Cambodia in cooperation with UN-ESCAP and iBAN. The study a) profiles companies with IB models, initiatives and activities, b) assesses the enabling environment for IB, and c) makes recommendations for promoting IB.

The study found that by 2023 just 20 companies with IB business lines will:

  • create around 100,000 new well-paid income opportunities for the B40;
  • serve around 70,000 poor and low-income households through housing and municipal services (including water and electricity);
  • provide insurance to 600,000 poor and low-income persons;
  • provide healthcare services to 20,000 poor and low-income persons; and
  • provide 10,000 job placement and skills training services.

Please find report here.