Law on Trust
Subject: Commerce

The Law on Trust was promulgated by Royal Kram No. NS/RKM/0119/002 dated 2 January 2019, which aims to determine the rules and procedures for the establishment, registration, management and control of public administration.

Definitions and parties

Trust refers to the management of the capital provided by the capital administration for the benefit of the beneficiary in accordance with the trust deeds or regulations in force.

There are three parties of trust:

  • A trustee is a person who creates and defines the conditions of the administration and provides the initial assets or funds to the administration.
  • A trustor is a person who has the right to manage and administer the trust from the trustee for the benefit of the beneficiary.
  • A beneficiary is a person who receives trust benefits.

Other stakeholders of trust may include contributors, trust and surrogate trust.

Type of administration

Governance is divided into four categories: Commercial Trust, Public Trust, Social Trust, and Personal Trust.

  1. The Business Administration is established for the purpose of making a profit for the benefit of the Governance contributor or any specific person designating the Governance contributor.
  2. The Public Service Administration was established for the benefit of the general Cambodian population.
  3. Social work is created when the donor donates his property to the government for general public use, such as for cultural, educational, human, religious or scientific purposes.

4. Personal administration established for the benefit of the principal or designated person