Legal Update: Prohibition on Using Identical or Imitative Marks and Elements to the National Flag, Emblem, or Armorial Bearing of Cambodia

The notification issued by the Ministry of Commerce on March 27, 2024, reaffirms the prohibition on the registration and utilization of trademarks or marks that are identical, similar, or comprise components of the national flag, armorial bearings, emblems, or other symbols recognized pursuant to Royal Decree No. NS/RKT/0305/149. This consists of the following symbols: Kouprey, Giant Ibis, Royal Turtle, Giant Mekong Bard, Sugar Palm, Romdul Flower, and Chicken Egg Banana (examples of which are provided in the annexes to the Notification).

This prohibition is enforceable in accordance with Article 4 of the Law on Marks, Trade Names, and Acts of Unfair Competition, unless the Competent Authority grants explicit permission. The primary objective is to safeguard national culture, morality, and public order, and compliance is required as of the date specified in the Notification.