Restriction of alcohol advertising
Subject: Commerce

On January 9, 2024, the Ministry of Information issued an official letter to restrict alcohol advertising in Cambodia.


This restriction comes from worrying discoveries that many scattered advertisements has induced citizens, particularly the youth, to indulge in alcohol consumption, frequently through the appeal of prize giveaways.


This letter applies all media units, manufacturers, distributors, and importers and alcohol advertising service providers.


  1. Advertisement of alcohol with prizes by using motivational activities, encouraging or enticing people to indulge in alcohol in order to get lucky prizes, or slogans that are too stimulating.
  2. Using women and minors under the age of 18 to advertise alcohol which infringes the rights and dignity of Cambodian women.


  1. Covered entities shall strictly implement in accordance with the Circular No. 492, dated 01 October 2014, on Alcohol Advertisement of the Ministry of Information.
  2. All kinds of alcohol advertisement on television, online news platform, signboards, billboards, LED screens, any advertisement banner shall include a warning sign “Drink Alcohol, Please Do Not Drive” or “Drink Responsibly”