Annual Taxation Preparation

Study Method: Inclass
Subject: Tax
Fee: $50
Course Description:

Annual tax on income is a requirement for all businesses. The tax on income is complex and demand high-level skills.

Course Objective:

At the end of the training course, all participants will be able to:

  • Determine the current practices of Cambodian Taxation System in Cambodia
  • Find out the solutions on issues relevant to the implementation of the current tax practices
  • Deploy the key techniques and process on tax calculation for monthly and annually more effectively
  • Well determine the tax depreciation of assets both tangible and intangible asset
  • Apply best practice on managing tax transaction recording effectively
  • Know the deductible and non-deductible expense clearly
  • Practice a key techniques on the current application of monthly and annually tax declaration.

Module 1: Cambodian tax system

Module 2: Introduction to TOI

Module 3: Scope of tax on income

Module 4: Tax Rates

Module 5: Deductible and Non-deductible expense

Module 6: Investment incentives

Module 7: Taxable/Non-taxable incomes

Module 8: Deductible/Non-Deductible Expenses

Module 9: PTOP and Minimum tax

Module 10: Tax credit

Module 11: General rules on capital gain and capital loss

Module 12: Calculate comprehensive computation of TOP

Intended Audiences

This course is specially designed for Accounts & Finance Manager, Senior Accountants, Chief of Accountant, Accountant, accounting and finance manager, general accountant and tax accountant and someone who works related to prepare the monthly and annually tax.