Law on Management of Commercial Gaming

On 14 November 2020, the Law on Management of Commercial Gaming (“Law”) was promulgated by the King of Cambodia.

The purpose of this law is to ensure the management of integrated trading and gambling establishments in order to contribute to economic growth, promote tourism, create employment, collect revenue, and maintain social security by establishing the competent rules and procedures for the management of integrated trading and gambling centers. The rights and obligations of natural persons and legal entities to conduct transactions directly or participate in commercial games and determine the ownership rights on integrated gambling and commercial gambling establishments, as well as establishing standards for integrated gambling and trading centers, commercial gaming of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This law applies to the Integrated Trade and Gambling Center in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Cambodian Commercial Gambling Management Committee
Commission for the Management of Commercial Gambling of Cambodia, abbreviated as SEC It has the authority to propose policies, issue regulations, regulate, control, issue licenses, collect revenue and take necessary measures related to the management of integrated trading and gambling centers.

Business Gambling Area
Commercial gambling areas are divided into:
1. Prohibited areas and
2. Permitted areas.
Casino games and betting are only allowed to operate in casino.
Prohibited areas are geographical locations that are prohibited for commercial games or for certain commercial games for cultural, religious or other necessities or for other reasons. The actual location of the prohibited area and the type of commercial game to be banned shall be determined by sub-decree. Permitted areas are any geographical locations other than restricted areas.


Only the owner of an integrated Gambling Center or legal entity who has registered a business and registered taxes under the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and entered into a casino operation agreement with the owner of the Integrated Gambling Center may apply for a casino license.

The first paragraph above also applies to casino owners or legal entities who have registered their business and tax registration under the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and have entered into a casino operation agreement with the casino owner.

Special Staff
Special staff is the person who works in the casino and has the authority as a manager who has the right to make decisions related to the loss of casino operations or staff with the following functions and duties:
A. Run the game in the casino.
B. Circulation of cash or gambling coins in the casino premises.
C. Exchanging coins or coins to guests gambling in the casino.
D. Counting money or coins in the casino premises.
E. Security and monitoring in the casino.
F. Performs maintenance, installation or repair of gaming tables, gaming machines or other commercial gaming equipment in the casino.
G. Management and control of all the above activities.
H. Other activities related to casino operations determined by the SEC By notifying the casino operator in writing.

Business Gambler
Commercial Gamblers are allowed to bring their guests to visit casinos or other commercial gambling establishments by acting as agents of one or more casino operators or commercial establishments and facilitating discounts on transportation, accommodation, entertainment and benefits. Other to gambling guests in exchange for commissions or other compensation. Commercial Gamblers are also permitted to provide credit for gambling on their own behalf or as agents of casino operators or commercial gambling establishments. Only non-residents or non-Khmer nationals.

Prior to commencing operations, a Gambler venture must be licensed by the SEC. Only registered legal entities can apply for a license to promote commercial gambling.

Gambling License, Lucky Gambling License and other Commercial Gambling License
The type and number of Gambling Licenses, Lucky Gambling Licenses and other Commercial Gambling Licenses shall be determined by a Prakas of the SEC.
The procedures, procedures, obligations and conditions for granting, transferring and renewing the license as stated in the first paragraph above shall be determined by a Prakas of the SEC. The licensing conditions also stipulate the security deposit that the Gambling Operators, Lucky Gamblers and other Gambling Operators must maintain in the amount and in the manner prescribed by the SEC. .

Manufacturers, distributors, importers, vendors or distributors of gaming equipment and / or software
The licenses of manufacturers, installers, importers, sellers and distributors of gaming equipment and / or software shall be determined by the SEC.